Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Medical Lake, WA

At Best Impression Dental, we want all of our patients to show off their smiles! For patients who would like a whiter smile, Dr. Burton is proud to provide professional in-office and take-home Philips Zoom!® Teeth Whitening options at our Medical Lake, WA dentist office.

How Does In-Office Zoom! Teeth Whitening Work?

With the professional Zoom! whitening system, getting a whiter smile is comfortable and simple. If you’re an ideal candidate for teeth whitening, Dr. Burton will apply the Zoom! whitening gel to your teeth during your appointment, then activate it with a specially-designed light.

The procedure begins by covering the lips and gums – exposing only the teeth. We then apply a whitening gel which is designed to work with the Zoom! LED light. The light and gel work together to break up stains and discolorations. The gel will be applied in three to four 15-minute sessions leaving you with a whiter and brighter smile!

Your teeth whitening procedure will be performed in our office and typically takes 90 minutes to complete — sometimes less! Following your whitening procedure, Dr. Burton will provide instructions on how to best care for your new smile. You will also be given free custom whitening trays to take home which allow you to continue to whiten your teeth into the future.

Your teeth can become at least 6-10 shades whiter during this process. In many cases, your teeth can get even whiter in the 2-3 days following your Zoom! teeth whitening procedure.

Benefits Of In-Office Zoom! Teeth Whitening

  • Fast, immediate results
  • A better, healthier looking smile
  • Stains and discoloration are removed
  • More effective than at-home methods
  • Low to no sensitivity with the new, improved LED light
  • No harmful side effects

At-Home Zoom! Teeth Whitening

If you would rather whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home, we have you covered. Best Impression Dental is proud to offer Philips Zoom! NiteWite, a convenient system that is specially designed to whiten your teeth while you sleep.

The Zoom! NiteWite system comes with a set of trays and 16% carbamide peroxide gel syringes for an easy application. This advanced teeth whitening system is made to be worn overnight (or a minimum of 2-4 hours) for the maximum whitening effect.  With consistent nightly wear, you should see optimum teeth whitening results in just two weeks!

Schedule Your Zoom Whitening Consultation With Best Impression Dental

If you have questions about teeth whitening cost or any other cosmetic dental solutions we offer at Best Impression Dental, give our Medical Lake, WA dentist office a call.

A consultation with Dr. Burton is the perfect way to answer all of your questions and help you decide if Zoom! teeth whitening is the best way to whiten your smile!

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